Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm in Hong Kong now... I'm here for the High holidays

Friday, July 22, 2005

"Break the building" golfing!

... intense

Sam and Michael dancing the JIG!

Ben, Daniel and Simon Waiting for the go-carts

Ilya and Max at the Fun center

This is what our staff thrive on!

Shi enjoying the humus!

Shawarma!!! (Yumm)

Walk to the restaurant.

Mikvah lessons

Last but not least... Our pro Aliyah boy!

Dancing... again!

Daniel at the Torah (Bar Mitzvah #2)

Siman Tov Umazal Tov...

Michael at the Torah. (Bar Mitzvah!)

Everyone is listening beautifully!

Class from Rabbi Oster.

Igor and Michael as Yeshiva boys!

Ben Krugliak in Yeshiva

Ilya in yeshiva!

Someone is a little tired from an intense day in camp!

Practical Tefillin lessons from the Rabbi.

Tefillin video

Tefillin video

Igor's Bar Mitzvah... We hope he feels all better!

Shai and Michael.

Getting ready for action.


Serious competition.

Paintball shooting... SPEEDBALL!

*uhum* listening intently!


Very exausting excursions at CGI Mount Olympus!


Finally... The real thing!

Almost ready to get into the water

Hmmmm, I wonder what they're up to now?..

All ready to go

... The wet suits!

SURFING! At least someone finally got everyone to sit straight for a few seconds.

The BIGGER spectators!

The BIG show!

Were they really bothering the workers??

Apparently they're not afraid of anything!

Are you sure you can handle this???

Waiting for the roller coaster.

Socks from the ears!?!?!

Max and Ilya

Nuttie on the "Scariest" ride in the park